About T.A. Walker

T.A. Walker is the face behind Taste and See South Florida for WPTV NewsChannel 5. Taste and See is your go-to place for finding fun and interesting things around you.

T.A.'s Personality Traits

He is a troublemaker with a happy-go-lucky heart.

There’s a reason people say, “It could only happen to T.A.” drama and tall-tales follow him around like the plague.

T.A. is the definition of contradictions.
• Being a guy’s guy and a Pottery Barn enthusiast.

• Drinking Miller Lite and Juicing

• Knows-it-all but is wrong about everything

• Love Star Trek/Star Wars and Julia Roberts Movies

• T.A. constantly struggles between being a grown-up and a frat-boy.

• Fan of the Cardinals, Cowboys, and Broadway Shows

• Has a dog that loves him and a cat that loathes him.

• Drama queen and a peacemaker

• Takes a ton of old man pills but kick boxes every day.

• Likes to cook recipes from Coastal Living Magazine and Camping in Missouri with his college buddies.


• T.A. has won the Kravis Center’s Dancing With The Local Stars, Feast of Little Italy’s Cheese building competition (twice).
• T.A. supports the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure,  Big Dog Ranch Rescue, and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Previous Work History

• Late Show With David Letterman (Research) – New York, New York  [1999 - 2000]

• The Randi Rhodes Show – New York, New York [2002 - 2005]

• The Mo & Sally Morning show - West Palm Beach, Florida [2005 - 2016]

• KYTV Midday News – Springfield, Missouri [1998]

• KYOO AM and FM – Bolivar, Missouri

T.A.'s Favorite Social Media Bit