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Julie Anne Wilson Watson

Business Issue

President of Clear Results Marketing, Julie Anne Wilson Watson, owns a destination marketing company that launches campaigns using a fully integrated approach initiated by radio.  Julie felt her business was overshadowed and confused with the mega-brand Clear Channel Radio.  I always said to Julie that her personality and business sense is her brand, not the company's name.  So one day, as we were participating in one of her infamous radio personality experiences on Waldorf Astoria Orlando's golf course we had to put our initials on golf balls to designate which one was our own.  Julie obediently wrote "JAW."  She thought, "what if that was her new brand?"  By using the name JAWW, she realized there were so many possibilities to play on words using phrases like "JAWW dropping, JAWW Breaking, etc."  She also realized the double entendre, that the spoken word (moving your JAWW) is the basis of her campaigns. So I quickly worked with Julie to develop a new logo and a new website.  I have already partnered with Julie creating powerful recap videos for her destination clients and other freelance work.  The partnership continues.

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Logo Design

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