Event Integrated Marketing Campaign

Business Issue

We changed the type of music Kool 105.5 (WOLL-FM) played to gain market share.  The station's genre focus went from being 1980s centric to "The Best Mix of the '80s, '90s, and 2000s." We knew our target segment would be attending SunFest the largest music festival in West Palm Beach, Florida.  I wanted to align Kool 105.5's new positioning statement with the festival's music offerings.  These efforts were championed by our radio station's chief talent, "The Mo and Sally Morning Show." 

Integrated Marketing Details

This multichannel campaign included on-air giveaways, a jumbotron commercial that aired before every concert at SunFest, social media pushes from the station and talent, Palm Beach Illustrated full-page ad, private artist viewing parties, on-air integration, and unfortunately timed with Prince's death (see on-the-fly changes below).

Explanation of Work:

I wrote, shot, produced, designed and executed all campaign elements for this promotional campaign for Kool 105.5 (WOLL-FM).

Campaign Elements

SunFest Artist Lineup Announcement - Social Media Video

Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine

Social Media Elements

Facebook Collateral Images


Prince's Death Changes Campaign

As our SunFest integrated marketing campaign unfolded, Price unfortunately died and changed our entire execution.  As a core artist, we felt the need to champion remembering the legend for our community.

This tribute to Prince played before every concert at SunFest.

Prince TV Coverage

Kool 105.5 is known for playing Prince as a core artist.  When his death occurred, we were able to position ourselves as the station to turn to play your respect to the legendary artist. We placed billboards honoring the artist up and down I-95 in the Palm Beaches, and local television stations took notice.

Kool 105.5 Morning Show Interviewed about Prince

Live hits from the Kool 105.5 studios on WPTV and WFLX for 24 hours looked like this example.

Local coverage on all local television stations.

Andy Grammer's Sunglasses

Andy Grammer played a private concert for Kool 105.5 listeners and media personalities before his show at SunFest.  He accidentally left his sunglasses at our iHeartRadio Theater.

Clip About Andy Grammer's Sunglasses

Social Media Influencer's Posts

Train Meet and Greet

Kool 105.5 wanted to give listeners a chance to meet the band Train backstage.  To win you had to find a "banana on a seawall" at SunFest.

Just A Banana On A Seawall For Train Tickets